Monday, August 29, 2016

MacBack offers fast cash for Macs


My little MacBook Air has served me well for several years, but I am increasingly tempted to cut it loose and get one of the newer versions. If I lived in the UK, my first stop to sell my current Mac would be MacBack.

MacBack buys used MacBooks, both the Pro and Air versions, with a system that is as quick and easy as any I have encountered in the US.

Say you want to sell your MacBook Pro. When you click to the MacBack website, you can fill out a short questionnaire with details about your computer’s age, condition and specifications.

At the end of that process, MacBack will give you a price quote and, if you accept, it will dispatch a courier to pick up your laptop at a time that you specify.

That’s right, MacBack says it will come pick up your computer. The routine is the same it if you want to sell your MacBook Air.

Prices for used Macs range from up to £450 for a first generation MacBook Pro to £1800 for the third generation. MacBook Air prices go up to £235 for the early models to £510 for the modern versions.


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