Tuesday, August 2, 2016

RemoteToPC blends remote access and monitoring


A friend who spent several years as an IT manager for a large company once told me that while he loved the work, he dreaded the late night phone calls. For a while, his employer was reluctant to let him install remote access software on his office computer and even when they did, their approved program only allowed access to his desktop. He couldn’t monitor or check out important servers without making a late-night drive.

He would have loved RemoteToPC. It’s a single product that combines remote access to a PC desktop with remote monitoring and management (RMM) and the ability to generate critical system alerts via email or mobile phone.

Developed by a Dallas-based team that ran their own IT company, RemoteToPC is easy to install and configure. It supports remote access from any computer that can connect to the Internet. Perhaps more important are the RMM features which aren’t baked into typical remote access programs.

RemoteToPC monitors vital components, such as RAM, CPU and C-Drive and it includes a heartbeat monitor for servers or other important systems that must always be online.

If a systems goes offline or if a crucial metric reaches a critical state, RemoteToPC sends an alert by text or email that tells a manager what’s wrong on which computer. And, if the system is still online, they have the ability to log in and fix the issue.

RemoteToPC is one of the most affordable remote support solutions available with prices starting at $99 per year for 10 computers. All plans are available for a 14-day free trial.

For for details on remote desktop access, check out the video below and visit the RemoteToPC website. You can also follow the company @remotetopc on Twitter.


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