Friday, August 12, 2016

The low-tech joy of art glass


There’s a glassmaking studio a few miles from my home and I go there a couple of times a year to watch the artists at work. I’m fascinated by both the technology of glassmaking and the ancient techniques the artists use to produce amazing colorful designs encapsulated in solid glass.

I would love to bring home a couple of their elegant vases, but at $200 or more, most are beyond my price range. That’s not the case at Vases Modern, a website I discovered that sells gorgeous vases, many of them for less than $50.

I was especially attracted to the site's art glass collection. The names of their featured pieces — Azure Blue, Sunfire, Galaxy, Crimson Sunset, Floral Fantasia,  and Wild Orchid — will give you a good idea of what they look like. The Sunfire vase, shown here on the left, costs $39.95.

On the Vases Modern website, the site’s creator explains what promoted him to begin selling fine glass vases:

My passion with vases began when my sister gave my mother a unique art glass vase with lavender stripes. My mother adored the vase. I saw how happy it made her and her home. I loved the design and so did everyone who visited. This is why I decided to make this website so everyone can have this great experience!

In addition to glass vases, the site also has vases made from other materials, including ceramic and wood. Some of the glass pieces are currently on sale and the site offers free shipping on all purchases.

For more details, visit the Vases Modern website and check out the video below.


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