Friday, October 28, 2016

GPS app tracks family members


Parents have a natural desire to want to keep track of their children, even when those children have turned into teenagers. And now mobile phones and GPS technology have made that possible.

The app stores have no shortage of tracking programs, but the Family Locator app may be the only one offered by a company that knows how to use GPS tracking for fleets of trucks.

GPSWOX has been tracking commercial vehicles in the UK, US and throughout Europe since 2014. Its system is currently following about 250,000 vehicles and objects. Now it wants to help individuals keep track of their children, spouses and parents.

The company’s smartphone app can plot the location of connected phones in real time and also trace the history of a user’s movements. It will send an alert when a child or adult leave home or work and let users know if someone is in a car that’s going faster than the local speed limit.

Users can also send an emergency alert to selected family members and schedule reminders. For example, it might remind a forgetful husband of a dinner date or tell a son when he’s expected to be at a school function.

The Family Locator app is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store. A version for Apple devices is scheduled to be released soon. The basic version of the app is free. Upgraded versions that include features such as geofencing and fuel price alerts start at $1.99 a month.

For more details, visit the GPSWOX website.


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