Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shape it app guides clay-making projects


When our grandchildren come to visit, they head straight for the box of colored clay. Soon our kitchen table becomes a zany zoo of creatures that were shaped and squished and molded by tiny hands and fingers.

The clay critters that the kids make aren’t often easy to identify. The snakes are easy to spot, but is that one a fish or a turtle? As they get older, they want their creations to look more like a animal or monster and less like a rock.

The next time they visit, we’re going to use the Shape it app from Clay Fingers to guide their work.   The app offers a large collection of designs for clay modeling at all skill levels. The app is loaded with images that illustrate eyeballs and eyebrows, where to add fins, horns or hair, and how little balls can become stubby.

Shape it covers a variety of designs from monsters (a favorite at our house) to barnyard animals, holiday designs and even buildings and other items to build a clay town. There’s an instructional video built into the app and projects are sorted into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skill levels.

The Shape it app is available in the Google Play Store as a free download for Android devices. Check the video below to see some of the Shape it designs come to life.


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