Saturday, November 5, 2016

This app scans paint to know when a car has been repaired


The body shop owner who has fixed several cars for me over the years sys he can look at a car’s finish and tell if it’s been repaired and repainted. That’s an impressive talent, but I can’t drag him along when I go shopping for a new or used car.

What I can take along is Accident Scan, an iPhone app that promises to also tell an untouched vehicle from one that’s been repaired.

The app uses the phone’s camera to collecting analyze the paint work on various areas of a car’s surface, including fenders doors and bumpers.

The app identifies variations in the paint and in moments, it pinpoints which area or areas that have been involved in an accident.

Other services that track a car’s history record when an insurance claim has been filed. But they don’t help if someone had a car repaired without using their insurance company.

The developers of Accident Scan say it is the only tool in the market that is able to identify accidents and repairs without using an on-site expert.

Accident Scan is available for $3.99 in the iTunes App Store. To learn more about how the app works, check out the video below.


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