Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dice games roll online


Our friend Amy was a high school math teacher who loved games, especially games that involved numbers. Years ago she introduced us to Yahtzee, a dice game that challenges players to roll a series of number combinations, and every week or two our dining room table became the site of a Yahtzee tournament.

Amy eventually moved to Florida and the Yahtzee games stopped. But now I’ve found a website called Play Online Dice Games where we can play it and many other simple dice games.

The games are free to play and they are built with HTML5, so they can be played with any browser on any computer without installing a special browser plugin.

The game lineup includes Bunco, Beetle, Farkle, Generala, Owzthat and many others. Each game includes directions for playing and scoring and many include a helpful link to the game’s entry in Wikipedia.

Yahtzee, Farkle, Balut and others are available in both solitaire and multi-player versions. When you’re feeling lucky, check out the games at the Play Online Dice Games website.


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