Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Security expert warns about social network malware


For several years, I’ve been telling friends to avoid clicking on any web ads that don’t look completely legit. I tell them about one friend who had to pay more than $200 to have malware removed from her computer after letting her nieces play with her PC.

Now computer security expert Joseph Ikhalia says I should also warn them about clicking on videos posted on Facebook and other social media.

Ikhalia’s website, called Social Network Criminal, promotes a series of videos and a Facebook app that he created that teach users how to detect and avoid malicious content posted on social networks.

Each video features a security expert called Dr. Sleeky and a victim of a social network malware attack. In one video, a victim discovers that her electronic dissertation documents have been corrupted and Dr. Sleeky explains how she could have avoided the attack.

The app is currently available only for Facebook users, but Ikhalia says he is developing versions for other social network platforms.

For more details, watch the video below, visit the Social Network Criminal website, and check out  @IkhaliaJoseph on Twitter where you'll find links and tips related to social network security.


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