Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Website covers tech news from Pakistan


Facebook is in trouble in Pakistan. There’s a petition circulating that asks the government to temporarily shut down Facebook because of “blasphemous content” and Facebook is sending a delegation to the country to meet with government officials.

I know about the controversy because I’ve been dropping in at Techlist, a website that covers a wide variety of technology news in Pakistan. That’s a country where residents are just as tech hungry - and tech-savvy - as anywhere in the US or Europe.

The site is run by a team of technology enthusiasts who have experience working for large tech companies and startups in Pakistan. The site is a blend of articles about local IT along with analysis of tech startups, product reviews, and interviews with founders and executives.

Recent articles have reported on a government plan to tax Pakistan’s eCommerce industry and on college students in Karachi who have developed robotic legs to be worn by disabled persons. The site also had the Pakistani spin on Apple’s release of a new red iPhone and on the growth of mobile payment options.

Techlist looks like a valuable resource for anyone who wants to keep up on technology news in Pakistan and get a perspective on what’s happening in the Pakistani version of Silicon Valley.


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