Friday, April 14, 2017

SEO firm wants to help local businesses


Any company that hopes to sell widgets to a global audience already knows the importance of a high ranking on search engine pages and they probably use search engine optimization (SEO) tools maintain that ranking.

But what about a business like a car dealer, painting contractor or security service that serves a much smaller geographic area? As more people make Google or Bing their first stop in a search for local vendors, SEO techniques have become more important for those providers as well.

Beyond Elevated SEO Services is an Internet marketing firm in Wellington, FL, that says it will adapt global SEO tools to work for local businesses. The company’s Wellington SEO program can include online advertising, email marketing, and other options to reach a targeted audience.

Here’s what Beyond Elevated says on its website:

Instead of casting a wide net and hoping to catch some fish, you can cast a smaller more precise net and be guaranteed to get a good number of clients.

The Beyond Elevated website contains advice about choosing an SEO company and more details about the Wellington SEO approach. Visitors can also request more specific information through the company’s contact page.


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