Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hey robot, clean my pool


I haven’t found a robot that I would want in my house, but I would be happy to put one to work outside where our backyard pool always needs a cleaning.

Robotic pool cleaners are connected to a pool’s intake system, then they roam the floor of the pool - and sometimes the sides - sucking up algae and bits of debris.  

I found a good roundup of the best pool cleaners at Intex Pool Pumps, a website that helps pool owners find and evaluate pool products such as pumps and heaters.

The website has an overview of several automatic cleaners, including models by Hayward and Polaris, and it explains the difference between suction, pressure and robotic devices.

Over the past few years, rooting pool cleaners have become more competitive and more affordable. While the higher level robotic cleaners can cost several hundred dollars, some some models are priced at under $200.


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