Monday, March 12, 2018

AppWrap dresses apps to look their best


Every time I check out new mobile apps, I marvel at the quality of the graphics that illustrate how the app works. I expect that big companies produce that artwork or they hire a outside graphics shop to do the work.

But what about small developers and coders who aren’t experts in graphic design? It turns out there’s an app for that.

It’s called AppWrap and it lets users place screenshots of their program inside a frame that matches the mobile devices used by their target audience.

AppWrap users can choose from among more than 45 different device frames. The list includes the familiar faces of Samsung and Google phones along with many brands that are not so well-known in the US. It also offers Device Angle as a premium feature that will let flip to any viewing angle or rotate.

The screenshot frame editor lets users add special effects such as a a custom-selected background color and personalized styling. Users can apply a shadow or a subtle blur and as well as headline and subhead text to highlight different features. It also supports multiple images in one frame to illustrate a sequence of steps or different color options.

To get a closer look at AppWrap and see more of its features, check out the app in the Google Play Store or at the AppWrap website.


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