Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New website covers electric skateboards, scooters and unis


Ever since the Segway was launched in 2002, battery-powered personal transportation devices have been exploding into a variety of sizes, shapes and prices.

At this year's CES trade show in January, I saw hover boards, skateboards, unicycles, scooters, and even roller skates that were all driven by rechargeable batteries.

And now there's a new website called Hover Patrol that tracks, reviews, compares and scores many of the better and more affordable e-vehicles.

The website is divided into four primary topics: Hoverboards, Electric Scooters, Electric Unicycles and Electric Skateboards. The articles cover topics such as street-legal electric scooters, reviews of electric skateboards and a look at off-road hoverboards.

Each segment also offers lists of the best brands and models in each category along with advice articles such as "How to Fix an Electric Scooter," "How to Ride an Electric Unicycle," and "How to Build an Electric Skateboard."

The articles are reviews are available at the Hover Patrol website.


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