Monday, December 9, 2019

loveBuds let you share music, movies and video calls


When my wife and I travel together we often share a movie on my computer or tablet. But that only happens when I remember to bring along two sets of earbuds and a little splitter cable so we can both plug into the same headphone jack.

Then there are times when I want to share a song with her. What do I do - offer her one earbud and half of the the stereo?

Those are the times when I wondered why no one had created dual earbuds with two sets built into one plug.

It turns out someone has. They're called loveBuds and they're much more practical than a couple of standard earbuds plugged into a splitter.

For example, loveBuds have separate microphones and volume controls. Dual mics mean my wife and I can both participate in a Skype or Facetime video call. And the volume control lets me crank up the movie sound without blasting her.

The buds are colored black and pink, so users will always know which pair are his and which are hers.

And the cables are long enough to let us use them if we were sitting across from each other at a dining table, for example, or strolling through a museum.

The loveBuds have a standard audio pin plug so they would work fine with my laptop computer and with many mobile phones and tablets. Users who have newer Apple phones or tablets will need to have their own adapter.

You can get more details at the loveBuds website or order a set for $34.99 from Amazon.


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