Friday, June 12, 2020

Navo builds an online company directory


A few years ago when I was still a manager working for a global publishing company, I had a pretty good handle on where to go when I had a question about company policies and practices.

For instance, the administrative assistant on the fourth floor knew all the details about filing expense reports. People in the first floor Human Relations office could answer payroll questions and tell me how to do employee performance reviews.

I don’t know where the people who still work there go to answer those questions today, but I know it’s not to the elevator. These days, almost everyone in that company is working at home and companies are finding new ways to deliver information that managers and staff used to get through in-person conversations.

One of those ways is an online platform called Navo. It’s an Internet-based service that lets organizations organize and distribute a directory for their business and make it available to any of its stakeholders - including all those folks who are now working from their home office.

The people behind Navo compare their cloud-based service to the map kiosks that you see in a shopping mall. The map tells you where you are and how to get to what you need.

Destinations are grouped under the topics you would find in most businesses, from Sales, Marketing and Business Development to IT, Finance and Human Resources.

The service is designed to work smoothly with multiple platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and SharePoint. There's a registration form on the Navo website to get updates and announcements.

 Information collections can also be accessed using a Web app or a browser extension. If a user bookmarks a critical piece of information, like a vendor contract, it’s accessible wherever and whenever they log in. Navo is also planning

Under a new pricing plan, the charge for Navo will be $1 per user per month. A free trial is available on the Navo website.


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