Sunday, August 9, 2020

EDUCARE manages distance learning

Schools in our area will be open this week but many of their students will still be at home. While some grade schools, high schools and colleges will open their buildings to teachers and students, many others are requiring instruction delivered online using computers or tablets

The coronavirus pandemic has sent schools around the world scrambling to establish electronic learning systems, often building them from scratch. It's a situation that also opens the door for digital developers and entrepreneurs to build new ways to manage the challenges of online education.

One of them is Michael Villena, a software developer in the Philippines who has created an online education platform called EDUCARE. The program is a virtual classroom students log in to get their daily lessons, homework assignments, tests and grades.

Teachers and students have access to dashboards to check upcoming classes, discussions and project submissions, and to exchange information about coursework or ask and answer questions. The system also records when a student enters the online portal so it can be used to track class attendance.

The learning management system is designed primarily for K-12 students but can also be used by colleges and universities for distance learning.

EDUCARE is available in different packages including a one purchased by the school and another priced based on the number of students using it. There is also package designed for tutors.

For more details and a demonstration, visit the EDUCARE website.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Reputation manager says it fights back

The Internet is like a mammoth library that never runs out of shelves. The newspaper story about the time you scored a winning touchdown way back in high school? It's there for someone to find. But so is the report on your DWI arrest.

Individuals generally have scant success when they try to get negative online information removed. But professional services like SearchResults.Repair have built a thriving business making negative information either disappear or become much harder to find.

SearchResults.Repair focuses on the negative online information such as past criminal records, negative new articles and unfair reviews that can damage a business or prevent someone from getting hired.

The service was created by Wesley Upchurch, a web designer and Internet marketer who says he's "on a mission to make the web a more useful and more beautiful place." Here's how he describes his company's approach:

We seek to restore our clients online image through every available means. We believe that people’s past mistakes should not forever define their person.

SearchResults.Repair uses a direct approach to get data removed from widely-used background check sites such as Checkmate, TruthFinder, and US Search. The company says it also has success with more resistant databases like LexisNexis, Radaris, Spokeo and others.

When it runs into roadblocks, SearchResults.Repair can harness its publishing channels to pepper the Internet with articles that give a positive view of their clients. Those stories help rewrite a client's digital history while pushing negative items farther down in search results.

To get a closer look at SeachResults.Repair, visit the company's websiteFacebook page, and Instagram portfolio and follow @searchresultsr on Twitter.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Texas company helps clients expand AV reach

When the Coronavirus arrived this spring, it thrust most schools and businesses into the unfamiliar territory on online communication with employees and students.

For many, that meant hunching over their laptops and tablets while they tried to quickly learn Zoom and other videoconferencing tools.

By now, organizations are exploring ways to broaden and improve their digital delivery platforms as they prepare for what looks like a long-term change in how they conduct business.

That's where vendors like  EIGPro enter the picture. The Texas-based company has spent years building and installing high-end commercial audiovisual systems for a wide range of clients.

For some, that means an upscale conference room with a video projector and integrated computer access. Others might be looking at equipment for an environment in which employees, customers, contractors, instructors and other groups are all working from home. 

Here are some examples from EIGPro's solutions list:
  • Video Distribution
  • Voice over IP
  • AV over IP
  • Interactive Smart Boards and Whiteboards
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Google Classrooms
This fall, many colleges and local school systems have said their students will get instruction in a  hybrid format. Some will attend live classes in school buildings while others will participate online from their homes or dormitories.

EIGPro has wired several educational facilities to support a variety of training and instructional formats. Classrooms and auditoriums can be set to support a teacher giving a live lecture while simultaneously streaming live video to remote locations. Students both on-site and off-site could ask questions and participate in discussions.

Businesses, hotels, entertainment venues and government agencies are also likely to explore new  AV options to let them extend their reach with electronic interaction. And EIGPro has extensive experience in wiring new construction for video and Internet access.

The EIGPro website has a portfolio of the company's projects and installations covering a variety of environments, with several jobs featured in video form on the company's YouTube channel. You can also contact follow the company on Facebook or Instagram and @eig_pro on Twitter.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

AuthPass stores passwords across platforms

Passwords have long been the bane of the Internet. Experts have all these rules for keeping them safe: make it complicated, don't write it down, use a different one for each website.

And, how do you keep track of all those passwords, especially when you're constantly moving between your desktop computer to your laptop, tablet or mobile phone?

AuthPass could be the answer. It's a password manager program that stores and remembers all of your passwords and makes them accessible regardless of what device you are using. AuthPass supports all of the major mobile and desktop platforms, from iOS, Android to Windows, MacOS  and even Linux.

In addition to storing and retrieving passwords, AuthPass encrypts them to add a layer of safety. The programs use the KDBX file format and the KeePass Password Database. The password data files can only be viewed if the user has a master password, so there's really only one password to remember.

AuthPass will generate secure random passwords for each online account. The app supports  biometric locks, such as a fingerprint or face recognition lock, and it will generate multiple is you need one to share. And users can store their password database at a remote location using DropBox, Google Drive or iCloud.

For more details, visit the AuthPass website and check out the mobile apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Necklogia launches new neck massager

People who suffer from persistent neck pain typically turn to pills or lotions for relief. But scientists have discovered that electrical impulses can also be an effective treatment.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, often called TENS, is a therapy that applies low voltage electrical current directly to the troublesome areas of the body.

Some researchers believe that the current stimulates nerve cells that block the transmission of pain signals. Others say nerve stimulation increases endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killing chemical.

The people at Necklogia have figured out how to put a TENS delivery system into a portable neck massaging device. 

Their original device, the Necklogia Intelligent Neck Massager, has two delivery points positioned to focus on the lower neck area. Users can select among three stimulation modes: one for soothing a neck injury, another for chronic pain, and a third mode for daily use.

A Pro Edition model has two additional delivery disks that put heat and massage on stiff or painful spots on the lower next and shoulder area.   

Both models have built-in rechargeable batteries. Both massagers are currently on sale. The Intelligent Neck Massager costs $58.67 and the Pro Edition costs $79.85.

For a closer look and more details, visit the Necklogia website.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Minecraft fan ranks Top 10 hosting servers

Count Jason Lawrence among the millions of fans of Minecraft, the hugely popular multiplayer game that lets players build and explore an infinite virtual world.

Serious players who want to take control of the Minecraft environment and play rules can install the game on their own server.

That server could reside on their own personal computer, but a more practical solution is to rent space through a commercial data hosting service that sells Minecraft hosting packages.

That's what Lawrence did, but not before taking a whole lot of test drives. In his quest to find the best package at the right price, he purchased and tested the offerings from 71 different Minecraft hosting providers.

Along the way, he charted and rated each service and posted profiles of his top 10 vendors on his Minecraft Hosting website.

Lawrence say his ratings are based on these factors:
  • The total cost per month
  • The ease of setting it up
  • Performance of your server under load
  • Adding mods to your server
  • The support-ticket waiting time
  • Extra features in control panel
In his profiles, Lawrence gives vendors high marks for having servers multiple regions, staff expertise in dealing with mods and responsive support. Slow support response or hidden fees turn up in the Negatives column. (See a sample profile below.)

In addition to his Top 10 list, Lawrence has written and posted detailed guides to help server managers choose a Minecraft provider, set up their server and promote its availability and advantages.

The profiles and guides are available for free on Lawrence's Minecraft Server website.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Kids love this erasable tablet

Grocery lists. Notes to spouse. Sketches of my next billion dollar idea. It seems we're always needing a way to record something important - or trivial.

This LCD writing tablet provides an easy way to capture words or images without generating more paper waste. It's been very popular with our pre-school grandchildren who use it to draw cartoon figures, practice letters and numbers or play tic-tac-toe.

The Tecboss tablet has a 10-inch LCD screen that responds to a stylus that rests in a groove along the top of the screen. Use the stylus to record doodles or notes, then flick a lock switch on the side of the tablet to preserve them or click the button on the front of the tablet to erase them.

The tablet runs on a tiny button battery that should last for more than a year and some 10,000 scribbles.

The Tecboss tablet is available in a pink or gray case $15.99 on Amazon.

Friday, June 19, 2020

ZeusPro boosts a router's WiFi coverage

There's a reason why most WiFi routers come with antennas. Those pointy Batman ears emit the radio waves that deliver your Internet connection to your devices: phones, tablets and speakers as well as door locks and security cameras.

And all's well unless your network had dead spots. In my house, the signal can tail off when I get too far away from the router or behind too many plaster walls.

One way to attack that problem is by focusing the signal on the problem areas. That's what the ZeusPro WiFi amplifier does.

The ZeusPro uses a curved surface to concentrate and amplify a router's radio waves in the same way that the curved surface of a satellite receiver amplifies transmissions from space. And it doesn't require an electrical connection.

The ZeusPro, developed by Mizeus, is designed to strap onto the existing antennas on a wireless router. Once it's in place, Mizeus says the device can boost a Wi-Fi signal by two or three times and decrease lags and disconnections during online gaming. using two ZeusPros can enhance WiFi coverage over a 36-degree footprint.

The ZeusPro is currently on sale for $9.99 or $18 for a two-pack, at the Mizeus website.

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