Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Aroko FX offers easy overseas payments

Several years ago we wanted to send some money to our son while he was traveling in South America. I asked my bank about wire transfers and discovered that their process was complicated, expensive and fraught with delays.

We decided to mail a check and hope for the best.

The last time we sent him some cash, we used an electronic transfer service and the money arrived in minutes.

Services like Aroko FX have figured out how to cut out all the bureaucracy and make money transfers easy for anybody to use. The UK-based service, which recently expanded to the US, lets consumers send funds through the Aroko FX website using a computer or a mobile device.

The Aroko FX service can be especially appealing to people who want to send money from Europe or the US to destinations in Africa or to other areas where many existing money transfer providers charge stiff fees.

According to Aroko FX, their fees can be up to 95% less than fees charged by many vendors. Here's how they say they can keep fees low:

Our rates remain the best as we do not have an intermediary broker to facilitate the foreign exchange for us, we do it in-house using our own infrastructures to deliver the best rate to our customers.

Aroko FX's customers include individuals and businesses that send international payments or settle invoices from overseas suppliers and students who pay tuition fees abroad.

More details are available at the Aroko FX website, on the company’s Facebook page and @arokofx on Twitter.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Spider-Man game fans can play for free

Who is the most popular character in the superhero firmament?

You could make a case for Batman, Superman and even Iron Man, but Marvel’s Spider-man has the biggest bank account from movies, games and other licensing deals.

Fans of Peter Parker and his sticky alter ego can play more than 20 Spider-Man games for free online at the Arcade Spiderman Games website.

The games offer a variety of challenges. The lineup includes action games like Spider-Man Web Slinger and Ultimate Spider-Cycle; puzzle games like Tic Tac Toe and Spider-Man Mega Memory; and a version of the solo card game Solitaire that features graphics from Spider-Man’s world.

All of the games are free to play and don’t require any special codes of browser extensions. You can check them out at the Arcade Spiderman Games website.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Autify puts apps at your fingertips

I have a nice mount that keeps my phone at eye level on my car’s dashboard. Now I need an easy way to juggle my apps when I’m getting news alerts and text messages while I’m checking weather radar and navigation and also playing an audiobook or listening to music on Pandora.

That’s the goal of Autify, an Android app that helps you manage your phone while you’re behind the steering wheel.

Autify lets you switch from one app to another using a simple combination of voice and gestures. With Autify, you select up to three apps and use one finder to flip from one to another.

That eliminates having to take multiple steps like clicking to your home screen, swiping through pages to find an app and clicking again to launch it.

Autify is available as a free download for Android mobile devices in the Google Play Store.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Site lists openings for remote jobs

One of the things I like about freelance writing and writing this blog is I can do it anywhere. I can use a computer, a tablet or even my phone and be at home, in a coffee shop or at a picnic bench in a park.

In this digital age, there are many other jobs that don’t require you to report to a building and park your body in a cubicle for eight hours. Many of those jobs are at a website called Remote Jobs.

The site specializes in employment opportunities for work that can be done anywhere. It’s heavy on coding and digital marketing, but it also has listings for people with other skills such as marketing or copywriting. Here’s a snapshot of recent listings:

Software Developer 
Digital Marketing Assistant 
Front End Developer 
Growth AdWords Specialist 
Drupal / Mobile Developer 
UX Designer 
Full Stack Rails Developer 

Job seekers can browse and reply to listing for free and employers can post an opening for $75 for 30 days. To check out the current listings, visit the Remote Jobs website.

LogicGate program manages enterprise risks

When I get in a car, I always fasten the seat belt. My wife calls that common sense but I tell it’s actually risk mitigation.

We’re always at risk when we’re on the traveling and wearing the belt reduces the potential of serious injury if we’re in an accident.

Large and small business do something similar on a larger scale. They try to identify all the things that might harm the business and reduce its earnings.

That could be a fire, a natural disaster, workplace accidents, lawsuits, embezzlement or a hundred other things. It’s a long list.

The consultants at LogicGate have developed enterprise risk management software that helps managers identify all risks that might impact their organization and the steps being taken to mitigate them.

The software starts with a risk list that defines potential risks associated with activities across the enterprise. The end result is a scoring system displayed on a dashboard that managers can use to create mitigation action plans and monitor the risk status across the enterprise at any time.

Pricing for the software varies depending on the number of users and custom features. You can request a quote at the LogicGate website.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This virus blocker includes helpdesk support

Anti-virus software has been around for as long as computer viruses have been threatening personal computers and servers. But today’s threats come in many new and different forms.

There are bots, bits of code that take control of a computer and use it to distribute more malware. Then there’s adware, programs that plaster a screen with unwanted advertising. And spyware, a stealth program that monitors and records emails and other digital communication.

I loaded my Windows PC with different programs to combat each of those threats. But that was before I heard about SpyHunter 4. It’s a suite of anti malware software from Enigma Software Group that is designed to fight all of the many different tools that hackers use.

When first installed, SpyHunter 4 scans a computer’s hard drives, files, cookies, memory and registry entries to find offending code and identify any malware programs that have been installed. The program delivers a report on what it finds and recommends actions to remove or neutralize the threats.

Unlike other anti-virus programs, SpyHunter 4 provides users with access to a the Spyware Helpdesk. Users can create a support ticket to deal with malware questions and issues and get a custom response to fix that specific problem.

The SpyHunter 4 software with the helpdesk support costs $39.99 billed as a semi-annual subscription.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to recall an email in Gmail

We’ve all done it. We write an email, hit the Send button and then the terror comes. We suddenly remember that we forgot an attachment or got a name or date wrong.

Even worse, the message might have been sent to the wrong recipient or we were a bit too emotional in our choice of words. Either way, we’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Fortunately for Gmail users, there is a way to unsend an email, if you act quickly and if you know the procedure.

There’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to recall an email in Gmail posted on the web.  The first step is to enable an option called Enable Undo Send in your Gmail account. Unfortunately, the process only works from a desktop or laptop Gmail client. It doesn’t work with a mobile phone or tablet and the “undo” has to be done no more than 30 seconds after the mail was sent.

To get the full walk-thru - plus tips on recalling an email in Outlook - visit the website that’s appropriately named How To Recall An Email.

Monday, October 10, 2016

3D pens turn ideas into objects

I’ve seen 3D printers in action and I still think the concept of printing a solid object is science fiction. And 3D pens aren’t far behind.

At the CES trade show earlier this year, I saw people use 3D pens to create wondrous objects like flowers, superhero figurines, and even tiny houses and villages.

Most 3D pens work like a glue gun. They create solid objects by heating a plastic rod and shaping the soft output into different designs while the plastic streams quickly harden. Other pens use  photopolymer ink that hardens when it’s exposed to ultraviolet light. With no heating element, those pens are more suitable for children.

One of the most popular 3D pens is the 3Doodler Create Pen which sells for about $100. The pen comes with a starter collection of colored filaments and the support of an online community that shares hundreds of stencils and designs.

The 3Doodler and several other 3D pens are described on the BestSeekers website which also has links to sources that sell the pens.

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