Friday, May 18, 2012

An iPad case made from . . . paper?


Put your iPad in a paper bag? Sounds like a crazy idea, and the Austrians who make the Papernomad cases would surely admit that they are a little, um, unconventional.

But they aren't fooling around. Their paper is a special composite that resists tearing and staining. They use multiple layers of paper and padding are stitched together to produce a case that's just as tough and protective as any poly plastic pouch.

The sleeves are finished with attractive borders and designs and there's a little hemp flap to seal the open end. The surface of the paper is dense enough that it won't get soggy when you spill coffee on it or carry it in the rain.

And here's the best part: you can make one uniquely yours. Draw a doodle or a cartoon on it. Write a poem, a phone number or a web address. Add a quote from Dilbert. After all, it's paper - it was made write on.

Papernomad makes sleeves in a variety of sizes for different portable devices. The iPad sleeve cost about $50 at


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  1. I heard such kind of paper before but it was made into a dress. At first I thought it was kinda crazy to buy an iPad case that is made of paper since it can tear apart and so on but knowing that it is made of an unusual paper that is tear resistant is fascinating.



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