Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oy connects you to people nearby


Some day, when you walk into a bar or concert hall or shopping mall, you'll know which friends are already there and what they're up to. Like who's ordering a pizza a pitchers, who has front-row seats and who's perusing the bargain racks.

With Oy, that day is a little closer. Oy is an Android app that let's you know who's nearby. Oy contains a location based feed and chat rooms, letting you meet, share, and talk to people in your city, college campus or shopping area. You can share information and opinions with people around you, discover new connections, and get help.

Oy can be a conversation starter with people you know or with strangers. When you call up a list of other Oy users nearby, one tap of the Oy button next to their name lets you send an instant message.

Android users can download the Oy app for free in the Google Play Store. For more about Oy, visit the Oy website or check the chatter on the Oy Twitter feed.


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