Monday, December 22, 2014

Elevio's widget improves website user support


How many times have you been on a website looking for some sort of support option? You check the main menu, the links at the bottom of the page, the About page and so on.

If you're lucky, you might find a Feedback link or a live chat option. If you're not so lucky, you leave feeling frustrated and unhappy.

Elevio knows that an unhappy site visitor isn't good for the site's owner or its users. That's why they developed a floating widget that can appear - unobtrusively - on every page of a website.

The widget creates a string of icon links that sit quietly in the right margin of the website's template. It scrolls up or down when visitors scroll and moves from one page to the next when they do.

The icons can be customized to link a visitor to helpful services. One might go to a knowledge base, another to live chat, a site status report, a third-party support system like Zendesk or an RSS news feed.

The Elevio website includes a price list for the service, a link to Elevio's Twitter feed and a window where you can insert a URL to see how the widget would look on a particular website.


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