Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mars speakers levitate without magic


I’ve always wanted my own personal flying saucer. Maybe Mars is the answer.

Mars is a wireless speaker whose most remarkable feature is a floating disc. The developers at Crazybaby call it a levitation speaker system with subwoofer. Why levitate? “Placing wireless speakers directly on a plane surface led to a loss of audio quality,” they say. By letting wireless speakers levitate, the result is “a new level of listening experience.”

Mars has a 1.75 inch full-range speaker and a passive radiator inside the floating disc and a 4.5-inch subwoofer and 10,000mAH powerbank inside its base. It supports  Bluetooth 4.0 and can handle signals from two transmitting devices. In other words, you and a friend can trade off playing your favorite tracks.  Other features include wireless charging and automatic volume control that adjusts according to your distance from the speaker.

Crazybaby will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon. For more details on Mars, stay earthbound and click to the Crazybaby website or Facebook page


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