Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Memory Play will stretch your brain


When my kids were small, they always knew how to get me to play a game with them: Make it a memory game. My favorite was Simon, the electronic game that would light up panels in a random sequence, then challenge you to remember and reenter the pattern.

The game was fun for both little ones and adults, both of which could benefit from some memory exercise.

An iOS game called Memory Play is kind of like that. It displays colors, shapes or combinations of both, then you have to recall and recreate what you saw.

The games get harder as you progress through 48 levels for each category. There are more than 25 figures and 43 colors used in the game and more than a dozen different backgrounds, many of which can be distracting. But like any good game, if you want to score, you have to concentrate.

Memory Play costs 99 cents in the Apple iTunes Store.  


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