Sunday, May 17, 2015

Android app delivers free website quality review


Like any serious web manager, I welcome ideas and tips to improve the visibility and search engine ranking for my website. I’m just not sure I’m ready to sign up with a big-time web marketing consultant.

That’s why a new Android app that I discovered looks like a good place to start. SEO Tools - Free Website Review, created by Metric Buzz, offers aa fast and free analysis of any website. Just type in a web address like and the app will produce an extensive report that scores your website on a 100-point scale and analyzes a variety of elements.

For example, it looks at the site's loading speed, general usability, link quality and how well the site displays on mobile devices. The report doesn’t stop there. It offers advice for improving elements such as keywords, headers, title tags and meta data. Does your site have a favicon? Do you know what that is? The report explains elements like that and offer tips to fix or improve them.

SEO consultants will charge hundreds of dollars for the kind of report that Metric Buzz produces for free. I know because I’ve seen those reports and I’ve paid for them.

You can get more information about the SEO Tools app at the Metric Buzz website and in the video below. The app is available for downloading in the Google Play Store and you can follow @MetricBuzz on Twitter.


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