Sunday, May 24, 2015

Indie developer is readying dystopian shooter Beyond Flesh and Blood


You may think that only the giant game studios like Microsoft and Activision have the vast recourse necessary to produce a top-quality shooter game. But that would mean you haven’t heard about Beyond Flesh and Blood, an indie mech shooter current under development in the UK at Pixelbomb Games Limited.

Pixelbomb fits the role of scrappy upstart in the world of super graphic games. The advanced peeks at BF&B reveal a gritty, realistic game that will appeal to players like me who were eager conscripts to the dystopian worlds of Halo, Gears of War and BioShock.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is set in a 23rd Century version of Manchester, Pixelbomb’s hometown. A pre-alpha version of the game was  released last year on Steam Greenlight and won gamer in just 13 days. The online journal Hexapolis said the game “cross-cuts a multitude of dystopian themes, such as political unrest, transhumanism, environmental disaster and cybernetics.”

The game is currently on track to be published this fall, about the time Halo 5 appears. You can get more details at the Pixelbomb website, some great screen shots here and running updates @PixelbombGames on Twitter.


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