Monday, June 1, 2015

Port plugs guard against dust, dirt and water


Okay, I’m ready to confess. Yes, I really did leave my iPhone outside overnight in the rain. The next day I dried it out and it worked fine, but only for a couple of weeks. Eventually, it wouldn’t hold a charge and I had to have it replaced.

The cause was obvious: moisture had seeped into the charging port and damaged the connections. It was an issue that could have been avoided if I had been using one of the port covers from PortPlugs.

The company sells a variety of flexible plastic plugs that seal off charging ports, audio sockets and other openings in smartphones, tablets and notebook computers. The plugs seal off the openings from dust, dirt and light splashes of water.

PortPlugs has a variety of plugs customized for Apple and Android phones and tablets as well as plugs for portable computers that seal off USB, HDMI, Ethernet and other openings. Most prices are less than $10.

You can browse the full catalog at the PortPlugs website and follow the @PortPlugs on Twitter.


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