Monday, March 26, 2012

Book helps teens build games for mobiles


I still remember how proud and excited I was after I saw a simple program I had written run on my Apple ][ computer. I discovered that programming is not black magic and that it can be fun and rewarding.

Author Clayton Crooks captures that spirit in his book iPhone Game Development for Teens. It a project-based guide for beginners who want to create the next hit mobile game or just learn skills that could prove useful in the future.

The popularity of gaming on the iPhone and other mobile platforms has opened a new avenue for individual programmers. While most console games written for the Xbox or PS3 are created by buildings full of coders while many mobile games are written by a single person. And the iTunes App store provides an easy way to market and promote the game.

Crooks’ book covers topics such as graphics and sound effects. And while it’s aimed at the iOS platform, the tools and concepts apply to other platforms as well. The book can be ordered online at Amazon.


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