Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Free service checks your writing


After several decades as a newspaper and freelance writer, I thought my grammar skills were pretty damn good. So imagine my surprise when I submitted a few paragraphs from a recent article to Grammar Checkup and it highlighted the phrase “there’s more details.”

Ouch. That’s clearly an error I should have caught. But while I have only one brain, Grammar Checkup is the product of and entire team of “computational experts and Natural Language Processing practitioners,” according to the Grammar Checkup website. So, obviously I was thoroughly outnumbered.

The good news from this exercise is I now know how to get a second set of eyes (okay, algorithms) give my writing an expert review of my work before it is published. Grammar Checkup is fast and free. It finds and tags problem passages and even offers alternative wording. It also highlights spelling errors. And with each review, you get a set of stats listing the number of words, sentences and characters.

Try the service for yourself at the Grammar Checkup website. And, yes, this article was checked before it was posted.


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