Monday, October 5, 2015

New phone case design includes a cable


I am seldom without my mobile phone, but I can’t say the same for its charging cable. I have a cable in the car and more at home, but I never carry one with the phone.

Now some smart and clever designers have come up with a unique new idea that keeps a charging cable always close at hand. They’ve built a cable into the surface of a mobile phone protective case.

The flat USB cable slips into a channel built into the back of the case. It’s not bulky and it has the same color as the case, so you don’t really know it there until you need it.  

Called the Soso Smart & Clever, the case will come in sizes for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini when it is released next year.

The company plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign in the near future to raise $50,000 for production costs. Supporters are being offered cases at half of the retail prices which will be $40 for the iPhone 6, $50 for the 6 Plus and $70 for the mini.


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