Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Ring keeps your phone off the floor


There were dozens of companies at this year's CES tech trade show that were pitching cases that protect a mobile phone. But I didn't see any that would do a better job of keeping a handheld device in your hand than The Ring.

The Ring is a simple aluminum circle that attaches to the back of any phone. It has a center ring that pops out and allows the user to slip a finger through the ring, giving you a solid but comfortable grip on your phone.

The center ring rotates to adjust to the way to prefer to hold your phone. You can keep the phone in a vertical position for phone conversations or rotate it into landscape mode for taking photos or videos.

The ring also gives the phone an instant platform for watching videos or browsing photos.

The Ring is scheduled to be available this spring for $29.95. Bullz-i, the company that developed The Ring, is currently raising money on Kickstarter where early backers can et one for $20 with delivery slated for April.


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  1. There is nothing special on this RING as this is not really a UNIQUE idea. This was derived from the RING that's been selling like hotcakes on Amazon and Ebay for a very affordable price. 29.95 for a piece of an oz crap is not worth every cent. It is not the quality only. Economic crisis wise, this will definitely fail!
    If you look over ebay and amazon different fantastic designs, majority buys there and have GREAT feedbacks bec. that particular ORIGINAL RING for iphone and ipad Delivers!!
    Unlike this one, 29.95 ?? This won't even pass the sales of covered casing of Apple.
    It is not designed to protect phone, wrapping your finger on that piece of crap is not how you protect your phone, you straighten your finger and there goes your phone on the group! this is a complete crap!



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