Monday, February 15, 2016

Vocalcom puts call centers in the cloud


Not long before I left the publishing company where I worked for many years, the company cleared out a floor in our building where writers and editors once toiled and turned it into a sales and customer support call center. Word around the office was that the company spent more than $1 million to build a new cubicle farm and equip it with hardware and software.

I remembered that move the other day when I came across Vocalcom, a company that offers cloud-based call center products that run on standard browsers an interface with popular customer relationship management platforms with prices that start at $65 a month.

In contrast to other traditional call center software solutions, Vocalcom says it’s main products require no phones, hardware, download or technical support staffing. Vocal com works with the tools that every business already has: a computer and an Internet connection.

The Vocalcom platform integrates with the top CRM packages such, including Salesforce,, and Zendesk. By removing the separation between communication channels and CRM, Vocalcom promises a higher level of customer satisfaction, better engagement, and a faster resolution of customer issues.

The Vocalcom website contains profiles of the company’s products, a series of user success stories, a full price list and a library of videos that show the products at work.


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