Friday, June 24, 2016

BBuzzArt brings new art to everyone


The university where I graduated has a gallery attached to its art department and when I stroll through it, I often think that the student work on display is just as good as work I’ve seen in major art museums in the US and Europe.

I also wonder how these new artists will ever will ever find a wider audience for their work. If they’re lucky, they might get a show in a local gallery, but that would only reach a small number of potential buyers or backers.

Recently I heard about a website and app called BBuzzArt that has the potential to bring new art to a global audience. Using BBuzzArt, artists can upload digital examples of their work with descriptions, categories and keywords.

There app’s main page displays work chosen by a group of curators from around the world. Am option called Discover lets you browse through all uploads by all artists. A Keyword tab sorts the work according to tags and Show points you to current art shows near you. Artists, gallery owners and users can add to the list of shows.

For a closer look at the service - and to see some very intriguing art, visit the BBuzzArt website and check out the apps in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.


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