Monday, June 20, 2016

Deceit rules in Throne of Lies


Count me among the millions of TV watchers who got hooked in that HBO series that follows the machinations of the warring kingdoms of Westeros. So I was intrigued to discover a role-playing game called Throne of Lies where another story is built on a fabric of accusations, interrogation and deceit.

The game challenges players to use intuition and deduction to determine friends from foes as they position their forces to claim the throne.

The fast-paced game involves between 7 and 15 players for each match. One player is randomly chosen to be the king and other players are assigned roles, which like the king can be good or evil. As the game scenario unfolds, players must make quick decisions to build alliances and fend off enemies.

During each round, players may vote on whether another player is guilty of treason, a crime generally punishable by death. If convicted, they could be executed by the accuser, with execution abilities tied to the player's equipped weapon.

Players can also spread hearsay about other players, whether they are good or evil and if they are building an alliance to challenge a reigning king. When a king is eliminated, a new king rises and begins defending his throne.

Check the video below to see the game in action and get more details at the Throne of Lies website and a related discussion forum.


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