Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Turn your Android into a drum machine and sequencer


Years ago when I did some occasional guitar jams with a friend, we used a cheap drum machine to keep the beat and add a rhythm track to our modest performances. If we had waited for the arrival of FingerBang, we might now be YouTube stars.

FingerBang is an app that turns an Android device into a drum machine, sample player and non-traditional step sequencer.

Like other drumming apps, you can produce snare, conga and other drum sounds by tapping the screen with your fingers. But FingerBang goes way beyond those basic riffs with a feature that lets users chain together and sequence trigger hits and save the tracks to any of 20 different hotkeys.

Players who have worked with high-end drum machines may already know about triggers and sequencing. For people like me, FingerBang offers free performance ready sample banks designed for popular genres such as trance, hip-hop and trap.

The app also has a "Jam Kit" that makes it possible to FingerBang with a friend.

Got a new beat bouncing around in your head? Download FingerBang for free in the Google App Store. Upload your performance to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook with the tag #iFingerBang and you might get featured on the official FingerBang Facebook.


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