Friday, July 29, 2016

DIY press release reaches hundreds of outlets


Back when I worked for a large newspaper, our mailbox was loaded every day with press releases. Most of them originated at public relations agencies that charged thousands of dollars to promote companies, products and people.

The arrival of the computers, email and the Internet changed all that. Today, anyone can pitch their story to hundreds editors for a few dollars. For example, a service called Ace Press Release will distribute and promote a news article for less than $30.

The Ace distribution list include more than 200 news outlets. The list include newspapers such as the Miami Herald, the Denver Post and The Wall Street Journal; TV and radio stations across the country; and specialized trade publications and website such as Investing Daily, Housing Wire and CEO World News. The releases are also posted on social media channels through Ace’s Facebook page and Twitter stream and submitted to major search engines.

Clients use Ace’s publishing platform to enter the text of their press release, write a headline and include links to websites and a contact email address. A press release can also contain a photo or logo. And clients can assign their news to a category such as Finance or Technology. The service also offers analytics that chart the performance of a press release.

For a closer look at how the service works and to read the latest releases or browse the full list of distribution targets, visit the Ace Press Release website.


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