Sunday, November 6, 2016

This blog clicks over mechanical keyboards


When I worked for a large publishing company, the IT folks would come around every few years with new computers. My instructions to them were always the same: take my old computer but leave the keyboard.

That keyboard had come with my first IBM PC. It was a big, heavy clunker but I loved it. The keys were were made of heavy plastic and, like ones on the typewriters, they made a loud an reassuring click when pressed.

I’m not alone in my fondness for mechanical keyboards. There’s a surprising number of companies that still make them and a blog called Mechtype that tracks and reviews them.

Mechanical keyboards are favored by serious computer gamers who appreciate both their tactile response and their ability to be customized with special keys and lighting.

MechType explains the differences between the three common types of mechanical keyboard switches: Clicky, Tactile and Linear. Its reviews compare brands and models like the Patriot Viper V760 and the Qisan Magicforce 68.

The blog also offers tips and advice, like how to get a Redragon keyboard to work with Windows 10 and how to install custom keycaps.

If you’re considering a mechanical keyboard for a gaming computer, or if you just miss the reassuring click of those old keyboards, Mechtype worth a visit.


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