Monday, February 6, 2017

Grasp builds Twitter accounts with bots


Unless your name is Trump or Kardashian, you will likely find it difficult to build a Twitter following that goes much past triple digits.

You can follow other Twitter users who share your interest, but there’s no guarantee they will follow you back. And, if you follow too many people, your ratio gets out of scale and Twitter will put you in time out.

And don’t even think about buying blocks of followers. That’s a waste of money.

But the coders at Grasp Mobile Development may have come up with a reasonable and affordable way to gather followers without courting trouble. Grasp uses scripts and bots to follow Twitter users who both share your interests and have a higher probability of following you back.

Their bot goes into action several times a day, but so often that they run afoul of Twitter’s API limitations. Working with a set of keywords that clients specify, the bot finds and follows like-minded accounts.

The system can also unfollow dormant accounts, block spammy followers and perform favorite and retweeting of posts that you would likely endorse on your own. The bot is also programmed to steer clear of accounts that deal in porn, drugs or other shady topics.

To get more details or to contact the bot-builders, visit the Grasp Mobile Development website and @GraspMobile on Twitter.


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