Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AutoDock promises easy phone charging


Every few months we’re presented with new advancements in mobile phone technology, yet the best brains in that business have yet to deliver a fast and convenient way to recharge the phone’s battery. A corner of my kitchen is still devoted to a snuggle of cables with different plugs for different devices.

But the people who invented the AutoDock are convinced they have a better idea. Its a phone dock that automatically connects the phone to the proper cable plugs and immediately begins delivering a fresh charge.

The charging station works with all of the standard connection plugs: iPhone’s Lightning, Micro-USB or USB-Type C. Users choose the proper tip for their phone and make a one adjustment at setup. Then, when they slip their phone into the AutoDock - as shown in the animation below - the charger makes the connection and begins working.

The charger will work with multiple phones that use the same type of connector plug and with phones in a protective case, so long as the cases have a similar thickness and don’t obstruct access to the charging port.

The AutoDock can be used as stand-alone charger or connected to a computer for syncing and data transfers. And it’s designed to be compatible with any type of fast-charging technology.

To finance production, the AutoDock will be the focus of a funding campaign scheduled to launch in the first half of April. To be notified about the launch date and early bird deals, sign up with your email address on the AutoDock website and follow @the_autodock on Twitter.


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