Wednesday, June 7, 2017

LED bulbs give good light but prone to flicker


I started buying these bulbs about a year ago when we decided to replace the standard ceiling can lights with LEDs. I wanted bulbs that were more efficient and cooler than conventional bulbs and I was attracted to Hyperikon's prices, which are lower than the competition.

The first batch of four provided light that was comparable to the older bulbs they replaced. So far so good. But then, after a couple of months, one of them started to flicker.

I reported the problem to the vendor and they immediately sent a replacement. Then another would flicker and I got another replacement.

The bulbs are supposed to have a five-year warranty. I don't think I got five months of usage. Now a third bulb has started to flicker. While I appreciate the prompt response I get when there's a problem, I'm tired of this replacement cycle, so I won't be buying any more.


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