Monday, August 14, 2017

Android race game puts you in the driver's seat


Browsing around Amazon the other day, I came across a full-sized race car simulator for PC and PS3 driving games. It looked like a pretty sweet deal, but only if you had $3,099 to blow.

I think I can be entertained just as well playing In Car Racing on my Android phone. Sure, it doesn’t have a steering wheel or a gas pedal, but it does deliver a straight-ahead windshield view, which is not very common among handheld racing  games.

The latest version of the game lets you steer by tilting your phone or tablet to the left or right. And you just have to touch the screen to accelerate or hit the brakes.

The game includes a variety of 3D locations including busy city streets, bucolic countrysides and curvy mountain roads. Each location presents a variety of challenges from weaving through congested traffic to overpowering a sports car hogging your lane.

The game delivers coin rewards to drivers who outmaneuver their competition, avoid crashes and perform high-speed stunts.

Other features include dashboard maps, steering wheel mods, night racing and the ability to adjust the rear-view mirror.

And here’s the part that I really like: In Car Racing is a free download in the Google Play Store. I already feel $3,099 richer.


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