Thursday, July 5, 2018

Powermat expands wireless charging


I was quick to applaud Starbucks when the company announced a deal with Powermat that would put wireless charging stations in its stores.

That's how life with a mobile phone should be - just place your phone on a designated hotspot and it gets refueled while you get refreshed.

Powermat also teamed with General Motors to bring wireless charging to many GM vehicles. And earlier this year, Powermat said it would begin supporting the Qi standard for wireless charging devices, which would make them compatible with the technology adopted by Apple for it's newest phones.

Don't be surprised to see Powermat's chargers turning up in other vehicles, appliances and devices. Powermat's inductive wireless charging has also been adopted by Duracell and AT&T.

The company is focusing on partnerships with other manufacturers and retailers that cater to mobile phone users - and that covers just about everybody. Powermat's charging disks can be found in airports, sports arenas, malls and restaurants. Earlier this year, the company said it had 12,000 charging spots in the US and Europe and it's technology is being embedded in millions of cars and smartphones.     

For more details on how Powermat's wireless system is expanding, check out the Business Solutions section on the Powermat website.


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